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Musume DOKYU #65 Makoto-ness [Jul. 6th, 2005|03:51 am]
Makoto Ogawa Fan Community <3


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[music |Otsuka Ai - Ame no Naka no Melody]


I've downloaded all of the episodes with Makoto, but I've only watched the last one. It looks like shes having so much fun ^^ She really is one of the best dancers in H!P I think. She looks so happy in this XD So cute. I haven't been keeping up with these DOKYU shows, I only have the episodes with my fav memebers, although I wish I could get them all XD;; You can find most of them at the Hello! Tracker me thinks *3*

ps: I'm a newbie sort of, I've been lurking around a bit ^^;;

[User Picture]From: fujieda
2005-07-06 03:17 pm (UTC)
Hehe, I loved her reactions when they were like, "Uh, this is only the intro..." XD

I want her haircut!
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From: bridgie_moco
2005-07-12 05:38 pm (UTC)
she's SO cute! the bottom middle picture is too cute for words. will definitely be making an icon with it!

i want her hair too!
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[User Picture]From: michechan
2005-07-18 08:43 pm (UTC)
Awww, Mako is so cute. X3! I haven't DLed any Dokyu's actually, but I'm getting curious. I keep seeing all these cute screen caps of Mako! I agree with your comment about her dancing. She has lots of energy and always kicks ass in live performances.
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