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Makoto Ogawa fans <3

P-P-P-P-P-Mako Ogawa desu!

Makoto Ogawa Fan Community <3
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Welcome to P-Mako! This is a community for fans of Makoto Ogawa, a J-Pop singer currently in the Hello! Project group, Morning Musume. Mako-chan is known for being very energetic, spunky, and funny. However, she is also often over-shadowed and over-looked. Therefore, the main purpose of this community is to spread the Mako love! <3

... What is appropriate?
All members may freely post images, fan works, information, questions, conversation starters and downloads pertaining to Mako-chan. General Morning Musume info/images are all right as long as there is an emphasis on Mako. Let's not forget who we're trying to appreciate here.

... What is not appropriate?
Spamming(aka a million meaningless posts), horrible fights and insulting people, blah blah, all the basics. On the subject of advertising, it's okay if it's for a group that Mako is in. For example, a Hello! Project or Morning Musume related community should be advertised, but a Melon Kinenbi, Rika Ishikawa, or W community could not. Simple and easy. :D

xoxo Please join and spread the Mako love! <3